silver fabricated and etched

shoulder pin, comes with

5 different inserts



Men's Jewelry

Ties, Tie clips, cuff links

Ties for men and women in enamel

My ‘tie’ project started as a wild idea.  Of course I had to use very thin copper since the ties had to be be ‘wearable’. Adding felt to the back of the ties made them flexible as well. Once ready the feed back on these enamel ties is very good. I started with the ‘stained glass tie’, followed by the ‘black and white tie’.  In the mean time I made a lot of other tie-designs and can also make custom made enamel ties. You name it, I make it!



Custom made - Unique Enamel on

copper tie with felt back.

Very flexible and wearable.

Different images available

(see here).

Can be made with different designs (dots, colors, stripes, fantasy)




Sterling silver cufflinks with real

working compasses


Silver chain mail  tie-holders and cufflinks


Foxtail, silver tie-holder

Wall Pieces

Wall piece 'Seagulss 4"

Wall pieces Seagulls 1 and 3

 Medical series 1, 2 and 3

Will look good in a doctors office
or hospital.


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Skyline of downtown Houston. Oil on canvas. Has been on display at the Houston Townhall (1998-1999)


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